Types of Residence Permits in Spain

Nowadays Spain is a very popular country for moving to a permanent place of residence and, accordingly, for obtaining a residence permit.

First of all, let's figure out what is a residence permit?

A residence permit is a document confirming the right to long-term residence in the territory of a state of a person who is not a citizen of that state - that is, a foreign citizen or a stateless person. In some countries and in some cases, it may also be an identity document.

So, the types of residence permits in Spain are:

1) the residence permit of the investor, or, as it is also called, a golden visa - provides for investment on the following conditions:

- purchase real estate in the amount of 500,000 euros. It is not necessary to buy only one property for 500,000 euros; you can purchase several objects, including land or commercial property. The total investment should be not less than 500,000 euros;

- shares or equity in companies for 1 million euros;

- bank deposits in the amount of 1 million euros;

- redemption of a public debt in the amount of 2 million euros;

- redemption of government bonds in the amount of 2 million euros.

2) a residence permit without the right to work, or, as it is also called, a white residence - provides that you permanently reside (more than 183 days a year) in Spain, while receiving income in your native country. It is necessary to provide documents proving the availability of funds for living in Spain and the real estate in which you plan to live.

3) a residence permit with the right to work for yourself - provides for the creation of your own business by registering as a private entrepreneur. To do this, you need to have a specialized education and a business plan approved by the relevant organization in Spain.

4) a residence permit with the right to work under a contract - provides that the employer in Spain is ready to sign a contract with you, but he must first prove that there are no similar workers in the domestic market of Spain.

5) student / student visa or residence - provides the legal stay during the period of studies for both children and adults and is in fact a long-term visa.

6) a residence permit for reunification with family members - citizens of Spain or EU countries.

7) a residence permit for reunification with family members holding a residence permit in Spain.

8) a residence permit for exceptional circumstances - is provided for those who somehow already were in Spain without legal grounds, but managed to acquire social residency or find a job.

Many clients ask us what type of residence permit is easier and faster to obtain?

Of course, this depends on the specific situation, but the path through investment in real estate and a residence permit without the right to work are considered the most optimal. This is a profitable investment: with the right choice of an object, you can not only return money during the sale, but also make a profit. Real estate in Spain is gradually growing in value.

Investing in stocks, opening a deposit and buying bonds are traditional financial instruments that are popular among many people.

The Spanish government is quite loyal to business and offers a number of benefits to new entrepreneurs. They do not show any requirements for the amount of investment and the number of jobs to the applicant. The main conditions are that the taxes be paid on time, the company receiving a stable profit and the absence of problems with the law.

We will help you choose the right property and apply for a residence permit.

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