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Property sales in Spain

Costa Blanca is the most popular tourist center. The leaders in property sales in the region are Alicante, Benidorm and Torrevieja.

Please note that according to the statistics buying an apartment in Spain is becoming 5% more expensive every year. And there are a lot of reasons for that. Even the authorities incentivize real estate investments granting investors with Schengen multi-visas and residence permits. Local banks provide loans no more than friendly conditions.

Our site will help you evaluate properties of Costa Blanca for future purchase. Click the link, set the filters and see the offers available.

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Property renting in Spain

The average renting price of a Spanish apartment with sea views is €50 per day . It isn’t expensive in comparison with global tourism leaders.

And if you are an investor, take into account that Costa Blanca guarantees rental income. The number of tourists and residents is constantly increasing and the market is expanding.

Use suitable filters to search our base rental properties. The list is regularly updated. Right now you can rent flats, studios, apartments, villas and houses.

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Blog about Spanish properties purchase and rental

In EspanaTour blog our mission is to provide you with useful information on the life in Spain and real estate market. Our articles reply to our clients’ questions about living, doing business, legal aspects and taxation in Spain.

Soon our blog will be telling you not only about real estate in Spain but also about specific features of the local life, culture and news. We’re planning ro deliver a bunch of interesting publications. Visit our blog and enjoy reading it!

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Insightful videos on EspanaTour channel

Our director is really passionate about our Youtube-channel, so we already have over 10 000 subscribers. High-quality videos help our clients make well-thought of decisions regarding property rental or purchase on Costa Blanca, Spain.

On our channel we show properties for sale and rent, explain legal and financial aspects of property transactions. We also tell about life and festivals in Spain, sometimes hold contests with valuable prizes. Subscribe to our channel and see Spain with our eyes!

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Our Advantages

Work with us. It’s pleasant and profitable.
See examples below:

No fee

When you buy a property, it is the seller who pays the commission, not the buyer.

We’ll do everything

We’ll do all the paperwork and help you obtain a loan.


If you buy a property that costs €300 000 or more, we’ll obtain the Spanish residence for you.

Another bonus!

Golden visa for the whole family for free if your property costs €500 000 or more.


Free consulting on property investment in Spain.

Want to buy or rent property in Spain? Thinking of investing? EspanaTour will find you a house on the Mediterranean coast of Costa Blanca – expensive or not very expensive – whatever you desire.

We understand that the thing you want most is to simply rest from everyday routine, forget about environmental problems, politics and malnutrition. Or maybe you want to radically improve your standard of living, enhance your social status?!

In EspanaTour we know how to help you. Are you in need of the healing Mediterranean climate, a clean white-sand beach, 320 sunny days a year, lots of vegetation and mountains without a single polluting industry in the vicinity of 200 km, winter resorts within 3-4 hours’ journey?

The quality of life – that’s the reason why millions of people choose Spain. Life is easier and more pleasant in the healing environment among the amiable population of this country. Visitors can relax here even in busy and prosperous metropolises at the peak of modern technologies.

The year 2019 continues to see the Spanish property market bursting the skies. 80 million tourists visit the country every year dreaming of endless sand beaches, the blue water, palms, orange gardens, salt lakes and therapeutic muds along with various siestas and Spanish cuisine. With all of this boasts one of the most politically and economically stable countries of Europe.

Is this in sync with what you are looking for? If you want to truly relax and enjoy yourself, welcome to EspanaTour. Let our managers take care of you looking for your Spanish property and doing all the necessary paperwork. Get in touch with us right now. Our offers will 100% make you happy!

How we work

The property purchase process in
EspanaTour is as follows:

You get in touch with EspanaTour, we get to know each other.

We make a primary selection of properties for you.

You come to Spain to view the properties.

You make a downpayment and we reserve the property for you.

We prepare all the documents and have them checked by a notary.

We complete the transaction and if necessary make provisions to enable you to obtain a bank loan.

You receive the keys and start using your property.

We provide you with the best-of-the-best after sale services.

About EspanaTour

We are in Torrevieja:

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In the past 12 years thousands of our clients have successfully made their dream come true buying or renting properties in Spain. In EspanaTour we are very grateful to each of our clients for helping us learn to deeply understand their needs, see and hear people’s desires. We are thankful to our clients (and possibly to you!) for being so varied, so hard-to-deal-with, so imperfect and unpredictable, ironical and pathetic – with you we can noting but accelerate our self-development, enhance the quality of our services and reduce prices. And we just love it, thank you!

According to the statistics our corporate policy practically excludes failure – if a client comes to EspanaTour, in 90% of cases they find the property they are looking for. Because we are no longer a single-room studio from which the history of EspanaTour started. We have expanded to 3 departments in various parts of Torrevieja. Our offices sit about 50 staff members of which approximately a half are weathered professionals with enviable CVs. And our company is steered by true business masters with 15-20 year experience in real estate.

Our agency works only on Costa Blanca. It allows us to narrowly focus on the local market – we help our clients buy and rent properties in such tourist centers as Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Denia, Altea etc. We don’t attempt to cover the whole of the broad Spanish market and owing to this we know our region better than our competitors.

When we started working in Spain in 2007, there were very few professional agencies that would care after their clients. Such weak competition enabled us to easily win the market setting high-quality services to our clients and tolerance as our long-term target and a priority. By 2019 we have become (according to our clients) one of the top real estate agencies on Costa Blanca with the best after-sale services in Spain.

Work with EspanaTour. We don’t promise any super-cheap prices or super-fast results. But we do guarantee quality and professionalism.

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Our team

Oleksandr Dashevskyi

General Director and the owner of the company

Life position: "Who does not move forward - everything goes by."

Olga Dashevska

Director of the Department of Rental Property

Life position: "So just be kind - you just need to imagine yourself in the place of another person before you start to judge him".

Evgenia Voytova

Chief Sales Meneger

Life position: "Choosing a goal, aim higher, without fear of hitting the stars."

Tetiana Riabets

Customer service manager

Life position: "Today there is no time ... Tomorrow there will be no strength ... And the day after tomorrow there will not be us ... Do not delay, now live!"

Denys Kutsenko

Customer sevices manager

Life position: "The most important thing in life is to learn to accept things that you can not change".

Sergey Kutsenko

Customer sevices manager

Life position: "Serenity is the greatest manifestation of strength".

Irena Simonova

Customer service manager

Life position: "Being yourself is perhaps the best way to succeed".

Where we are

Real Estate Sales Department

Calle de Orihuela, 72, 03181 Torrevieja, Alicante

+34 634 78 44 49

Real Estate Rental Department

Av. Dr. Gregorio Marañón, 80, 03185 Torrevieja, Alicante

+34 671 19 42 97

Maybe you have questions?

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